Transactional Emails

Setup Account

Add Domain

  1. Goto Settings → Email → Domain → Add Domain

  2. Add your owned Domain Name

Verify Your Domain

  1. Goto Settings → Email → Domain → domain name

  2. Copy SPF, DKIM & Tracking record values of your domain

  3. Go to your domain hosting website's Settings page and paste the copied record values and Publish them to the DNS servers.

  4. After your records are published, Goto Settings → Email → Domain

  5. Click on Verify Button

After Domain verification your account is ready to start sending.

Add Sender ( After Domain Verification )

  1. Goto Settings → Email → Sender → Create New Sender

  2. Click on Submit Button

Generate API Key

  1. Goto Transactional Emails → API

  2. Click on Enable API Access Button.

  3. Now Use newly generated username and api_key in transactional emails api.